Joey Browner Foundation

​It is the opinion of Joey Browner, former Minnesota Viking, that most activities are either exclusively orientated towards physical activity while neglecting the educational component or focused towards the educational aspect to the detriment of physical activity. As a professional athletic, Joey understands the necessity of both. There is disconnect between many young people and their communities. It is because of this that Joey Browner began this foundation
Joey Browner believes children need to begin setting the foundation and tools to succeed in school even prior to kindergarten. The Joey Browner Foundation is currently undertaking
 the sponsorship and installation of learning labs
 in preschools. The learning labs teach the 
children to read prior to kindergarten and also instill all skills needed to enter and excel in kindergarten and throughout their educational journey. By focusing on the positive of society and channeling the inherent energy and enthusiasm of children, leadership will naturally follow. The camps specifically sponsored by the JBF will have leadership as an integral part of the camp as well as physical activity.

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